Šifra: S-85-205

Brand: Slovenska Mitologija

A ceramic mug with a simple appearance without artificial colors and chemical substances (which makes it stronger and more natural), a particularly high firing temperature (which makes it more non-porous and stronger) and an ecological composition is a unique and interesting gift for all lovers of Slavic mythology.

20,99 USD

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  • You get the cup complete with a tray
  • Motif: Rosette
  • Volume: 220ml
  • Manufacturer: ROD
  • Material: Stoneware (fineness and structure between ceramic and porcelain)
  • Firing temperature: 1265ºC


As the firing temperature is significantly higher compared to basic ceramic techniques, a strong sintering of the material occurs, as a result of which it gains strength and non-porousness.


The glaze used is ecological, obtained by grinding natural minerals, and semi-precious stones are often used as colorants. Virtually no artificial colors or chemicals can survive at such high temperatures. Perhaps due to the lack of chemistry, there is no high-layer glaze and intense colors, but that's why this mug gains strength and naturalness.

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