TESLA PATENTS Graphics, 3pack, Nikola Tesla Patents, Set 3

Šifra: S-83-10

Brand: Nikola Tesla

Author:Nikola Tesla

Tesla's patents, Electric generator and Method of Operating Arc-Lamps. The graphics are handmade according to Tesla's original designs. In a good and very nicely designed packaging, there are three graphic displays with an accompanying document and a patent number.

86,49 USD


We present to you a unique product that combines Tesla's genius and innovation with exquisite design. This set consists of three graphics crafted according to the original Tesla drawings, offering a beautiful depiction of Tesla's patents, electric generator, and the operation of arc lamps.

Each graphic, including the frame, measures 32 x 22 cm, making them the perfect size for a prominent display in your home or office.

This collection comes in a stunning and beautifully designed packaging that protects the graphics from damage while providing you with a unique experience. Along with each graphic, you will find an accompanying document that provides a detailed description of the patent.

This is an ideal product for all Tesla enthusiasts, engineers, scientists, and anyone who appreciates aesthetics and innovation. Grab this unique collection and infuse your life with the spark of Tesla's genius.


  • Dimensions with frame: 32 x 22 cm

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