The 5 most important customs for Slava - you must not bypass these customs!

The 5 most important customs for Slava - you must not bypass these customs!

Serbian slava is one of the deepest and most cherished Serbian customs, representing the basic point of social and cultural identity for many families throughout Serbia and the diaspora. Maintaining the tradition of Serbian glory is extremely important, and here are five key customs that you must not miss during this festive day:

Preparing the table:

One of the most important customs during the celebration is the preparation of the table. The hostess of the family carefully selects the dishes that will be served to the guests. It is mandatory to have a baptismal candle, cookies with a carved cross, grain and wine on the table. These symbolic elements represent the spiritual and material food that is shared during the feast.



Prayer and candle lighting:

The celebration of the baptism begins with a prayer led by the host or priest. A candle is lit as a sign of faith and the presence of God in the house. The prayer is said to bless the family, the house and everyone present.



Breaking the Christening bread:

Christening bread, known as Slavic cake or garlic bread, has a special significance. The host or hostess breaks the cake, and the part that separates is first given to the Lord as a sign of gratitude, and then distributed to the other guests. This custom symbolizes the togetherness and blessing of all present.



Blessing of the grain:

Grain, usually wheat or oats, symbolizes fertility and abundance. The host or hostess blesses the grain and spills it on the table while saying a prayer for the health, happiness and well-being of the family.



Guest visit:

Christmas is an opportunity to gather family and friends. Guests come to the host's house to celebrate this special day together. The host is obliged to welcome each guest with bread and salt as a sign of hospitality.



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These Serbian customs during the glory are fundamental for the preservation of identity and tradition. They remind us of the importance of faith, family ties and togetherness. The feast is a time for prayer, reflection on spiritual values ​​and gathering of loved ones. The preservation of these customs is essential for the preservation of Serbian culture and heritage.

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