What to give as a gift from Serbia to a foreign friend? - The best gifts from Serbia

What to give as a gift from Serbia to a foreign friend? - The best gifts from Serbia

In today's globalized world, we often have the privilege of making friends with people from different parts of the world. International friendships are precious, but they also present special challenges when it comes time to give gifts. Gifting something that reflects your culture and warmth towards your foreign friend can be a wonderful way to express your gratitude and attention to them. In this text, we will explore different options for gifts that are authentic, useful and represent Serbian culture in the best way.


Everything is much easier when you can order all the gifts in one place, through online sales, ie. by online shopping to be delivered directly to your home address, in Serbia or abroad.

One of the most common souvenirs that are given as gifts are brandy glasses, or as the locals call them, "chokanji". Rakija is the Serbian national drink and is part of our culinary tradition. By giving a brandy glass, you are not only giving an authentic Serbian souvenir, but also giving your friend the opportunity to experience a part of our culture by tasting this popular drink.




Another outstanding gift from Serbia with a traditional touch is a bottle of buccli. A bottle is a type of bottle used to store wine or brandy, and its appearance and design are often very attractive. This is an ideal gift for a friend who appreciates a good home brew and authentic souvenirs.




Online stores like serbianshop.com offer a convenient way to find and order authentic Serbian souvenirs and gifts from the comfort of your home. Regardless of where your friends from abroad are located, this online store allows you to choose from a rich assortment of products and have them delivered directly to their home address.


If you want to express a deeper understanding of Serbian culture and mentality, books like "Kod nas se kaže" and "A guide to Serbian mentality" can be an excellent choice. These books explain Serbian expressions, sayings and ways of thinking in detail, helping your foreign friends better understand the Serbian mentality and communicate more effectively with the local population.



When it comes to souvenirs that depict Serbian culture, don't forget recognizable symbols such as the statues of Prince Mihailo Obrenović on horseback and the Pobednik monument. These souvenirs can often be found in different sizes and materials, allowing you to choose the one that best reflects your attention to your friend.



Finally, the Serbian carpet is one of the most valued and valuable gifts from Serbia. These traditional handmade rugs often feature rich patterns and vibrant colors, making them true works of art. By giving a Serbian rug as a gift, you not only bring beauty to the home of your friend from abroad, but also share a part of the rich Serbian tradition.




When giving a gift to a friend from abroad, try to choose a gift that will not only be a souvenir, but also an expression of your care, love and desire to share your culture with them. Regardless of whether you decide to shop for brandy, a bottle of buklia, books about the Serbian mentality, distinctive souvenirs or a beautiful Serbian carpet, your gift will be a precious expression of your friendship and hospitality.

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