This holiday of the better half of humanity remembers better days as well. And, perhaps that is why, when the times are strange and uncertain, by the act of giving to our dear ladies, we express faith and expectation of some new, easier and happier days.

Women's Day - from the fight for equality to gifts


Women's Day was created on the basis of women's struggle for economic, political and social equality. It started as a political event and has become part of the culture of many countries around the world. Today, in modern times, that day has lost its political significance and has become a date when men show love and respect to the women around them with gifts.

Some consider this holiday obsolete, and perceive the gift for March 8th as a way to divert attention from the important problems that women face every day. However, no lady remains indifferent to the gift with which we show her love and respect.



Serbian shop - to make gifts real!



Of course, choosing a gift is not an easy task, and everyone wants to be imaginative, original, special. Serbian shop offers a very wide range of diverse, original and quality products that can be a really special gift.


Here are some of our suggestions:



Clothing - tunic

We can say with certainty that quality and interesting clothing items are the desire of every woman, because they directly contribute to a good look and confirm personal taste and style. Exactly some of the clothing items offered by the Serbian shop are made of original materials, in the style of traditional Serbian clothing.





Some of the models of white tunics, made of the famous Serbian cloth, with the addition of embroidery and other details, will be the right choice for women of special refinement.




This item of clothing has become an almost inevitable detail of every woman who wants to look good in the last few seasons.


Serbian shop, as usual, opted for products made of natural materials, cotton and wool, with traditional motifs, all following the modern trends of the fashion industry. From the models offered, it is not difficult to choose the one that will best suit the person you want to please.




Bags - cegers that we want to suggest as a gift idea can be at the same time an interesting fashion detail, but also a very useful thing.


As part of the fight for a healthier environment and the elimination of plastic, textile bags-cegers have become a useful prop when shopping. The ones offered by the Serbian shop are made in the patchwork technique, made of cotton, with original stylized motifs.



Napkins with white embroidery


For women who love romantic and fine things, the Serbian shop has prepared extraordinary napkins with white embroidery, made with the traditional handmade technique, from the highest quality cotton. They can be of different shapes, and their purpose can be various.


We suggest that they be found on a tray serving coffee or other hot beverage, at some festive moment.



Jewelry - silver chain

Experts in women's psychology usually say that women can hardly resist jewelry. In the Serbian shop, they wanted to offer something unusual, extremely crafted, and so special.

These are silver chains of subtle workmanship and very characteristic in style. Pendants that are symbols of Slavic mythology give them a special charm. Let's just add that this is an exceptional symbolism of pre-Christian mythology in which a woman is a sublime being because of her ability to give new life.



Books - always a good gift


If you want to give a real and valuable gift, you are not completely sure that you know the taste and affinity of the woman you are giving, Serbian shop advises you to choose one of the books from a very wide range - from bestsellers, biographies, manuals, to historical, entertaining and professional .



Our recommendation this time will be a major work from the area just mentioned - the wonderful world of Slavic mythology. The book "Slavic Mythology" by Nenad Gajić reveals the world of customs, mythological beings, rituals and symbols, a world little known so far.



Gift vouchers

Aware of the fact that choosing a gift is really not always an easy task, the Serbian shop made sure to ease this "sweet torment" by offering gift vouchers of various values.


The gift voucher can be used for any product from a very rich offer of various items. The website of the Serbian shop systematically shows everything that can be the subject of the election, in the amount of money as a gift voucher that is valid for a month.


And to remind:

When choosing a gift for Women's day, it should be something symbolic and something that will really show that you appreciate the personality of a woman and all her qualities and characteristics. Therefore, visit the website of the Serbian shop, there will be something for every woman!

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