Classic shajkaca

Šifra: S-178-14

Do you know why our grandfathers wore this hat all their lives? The material of the hat is made of choya and is convenient to wear both in summer and winter because it keeps the temperature of the head constant. During the winter, the sides of the shack can come down on the ears. It conveniently folds, so it can be worn under a shoulder strap or on a belt.
You can wear the Shajkača with pride at any public event, but it can also be a decoration in your home, as a reminder of what all our ancestors experienced wearing these very hats!
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The šajkača is a military cap that belongs to the style of side flat caps whose main feature is that the sides can be folded flat when the cap is not worn on the head. Serbs wore it in snow, rain, sun, in all weather conditions. Depending on the season, the type of clothing changed, but the cap never did.


Today, it is mostly worn by elderly men in rural communities.

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