Šifra: S-333-1

Brand: Stari Srpski Zanati

A pendant that provides authenticity authenticity with a traditional cap - shajkača. This elegant accessory not only represents a special souvenir, but can also be an exceptional corporate sign of attention for business partners from abroad.


Šajkača, synonymous with the Serbian spirit, is the bearer of a rich history and cultural heritage. Wearing this cap means wearing a part of the Serbian identity. Our pendant further emphasizes the proud "Serbia" written in Cyrillic, which makes it even more authentic.


Refresh your everyday life with a touch of Serbian charm and hospitality!

3,49 USD



  • An elegant and authentic key accessory
  • An extraordinary souvenir
  • It carries a deep-rooted meaning in our rich tradition
  • An ideal souvenir for tourists who want to take a part of our culture with them
  • An authentic way to impress business partners from abroad
  • Contains the inscription "Serbia" in Cyrillic

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