Šifra: S-333-2

Brand: Stari Srpski Zanati

Discover unique keychain with a traditional Lika cap - more than a souvenir, it symbolizes the deep-rooted values ​​of our tradition. It is a perfect gift for business partners from abroad, representing authenticity and attention to cultural heritage. This pendant combines tradition and business spirit, making it an exceptional symbol of cooperation.

3,49 USD2,99 USD
Akcija traje od 17.06.2024. 09:01 do 20.06.2024. 09:00



  • An elegant and authentic key accessory
  • An extraordinary souvenir
  • It carries a deep-rooted meaning in our rich tradition
  • An ideal souvenir for tourists who want to take a part of our culture with them
  • An authentic way to impress business partners from abroad
  • Diameter: 35 mm / 1,4 inch

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