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The Lika cap is a cap that you can not only wear at folk events or with folk costumes, but it is enough to just keep it as a decoration on the wall to remind you who you are, where you are from and who your ancestors were! You can read her numerous symbols of this cap below.

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Just some of the symbols of the Lika cap:

  • symbolizes the suffering of the Serbian people during the period of the Ottoman Empire and the Kosovo War
  • the symbol of Old Jug Bogdan
  • nine fringes are the symbol of the nine Jugovics
  • the red color symbolizes the spilled Serbian blood in the fight for the freedom
  • the black rim symbolizes the mourning mothers, sisters and daughters for the martyred soldiers

The Lika cap is the integral and most important part of the Lika folk costume. It is the national symbol and hallmark of the Serbian Orthodox people.

There is a belief among the people that the cap is a talisman, which guards and protects the one who wears it, but that it also carries the spirit of the Serbian people, it was taken off the head only when showing respect.

The Lika cap is also called a tassel, because of the silk fringes or putty, which have a decorative function. In addition to the name kićanka, it is often called red cap or red cap, all because of the distinct red color in its upper part of the roof, and sometimes it is also called lapačka.

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