Šifra: C-11-3

Brand: Jarilo

Wooden mosaic of the White Angel fresco. Putting together a puzzle is a relaxing activity for a family or group of friends, but also for individual fun. The mosaic is made up of thematic pieces in the shape of a cross, which will make this activity even more challenging, but also more interesting!


A unique and interesting gift for every Orthodox house!


65,49 USD


  • The mosaic contains 500 parts (the parts are thematic - crosses)
  • Dimensions of the mosaic: 29x49 cm.
  • Wood thickness: 4 mm
  • Box dimensions: 21x21x9 cm

The weight of agreement according to Yaril's scale from 1 to J is:
.1 2 3 4 5 6 J

The "White Angel" fresco is located in the Mileševa monastery near Prijepolje
It belongs to the most famous works of fresco painting in Serbia, and it is also counted among the great reaches of European painting.
The fresco was created in the 13th century and is part of the wider composition "The Myrrh-Bearers at the Tomb of Christ".
and shows the Archangel Gabriel sitting on a stone and pointing to the empty tomb of Christ with his hand to the myrrh-bearers.

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