Šifra: E-95-24

The rosary is a traditional religious object used in many religions as an aid to prayer and meditation. Its use will help calm your mind, reduce stress and improve your mood, while its aesthetic appearance can be an attractive fashion detail.

A particularly good thing is that the rosary is universally made and its size can be adjusted.
2,99 USD



  • The rosary is most often used in prayer as an assistant in counting the repetition of certain words or phrases, which is called "prayer of the rosary". In Christianity, the prayer of the rosary is used in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, while in the Islamic faith, the Rosary or Misbah is used.
  • The rosary is a traditional religious object used in many religions as a symbol of faith and prayer.
  • Basically, a rosary is a series of beads, usually made of wood, leather, stone, glass, or other materials, that are tied together with some kind of thread or wire.



  • It can also be a nice fashion detail
  • Some people wear the rosary as a symbol of their faith or spirituality, while others simply love its aesthetic appeal and the way it fits into their wardrobe.
  • The rosary will help calm your mind and reduce stress. It can be used as a focus during prayer or meditation, which can help reduce anxiety and improve mood
  • A great gift for all believers
  • Color: black

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