Šifra: E-146-128

Brand: Riznica nacionalnog blaga

Handmade triptych of Saint Paraskeva. The metal parts are ennobled with 24-carat gilding (the finest and highest quality gilding on the market), as well as 925 fine silver plating. The icon is additionally decorated with zircons, in order to draw even more attention to all the smallest details that have been taken care of during production.


The back of the triptych also has a handle/stand so you can easily position it anytime, anywhere. 


There are two angels in the left and right wings of the triptych.


The icon was modeled after the medieval icons, which were made to the smallest detail and everything except the face was forged. It was made using the technique of engraving, and then pouring metal into molds.

199,99 USD


  • Saint Paraskeva triptych
  • 24 carat gilding and silver plating fineness 925 on metal parts
  • The icon is in the wood
  • Contains zircons
  • Dimensions: 22x18 cm
  • There are angels on the wings of the triptych
  • Handmade engraving technique


Saint Petka or Venerable Mother Paraskeva was a Christian Byzantine ascetic from the 11th century.


The saint was named Petka (from the Serbs) after the day of the week - Friday.


The day of her commemoration — Petkovdan, is celebrated on October 27, and is the sixth celebration in terms of the number of candles in Serbia.


The Serbian people usually call Saint Paraskeva Saint Petka, and in the Serbian coastal areas Petka Biogradska, because her relics also rested in Belgrade.


Along with Petkovdan, the cult of Venerable Paraskeva is also celebrated on August 8, the day of the transfer of her relics from Bulgaria to Serbia. Then another saint is celebrated, with the same name - the Holy Martyr Paraskeva of Rome. The common holiday of two saints of the same name is celebrated as Holy Friday of Thorns. Petka Trnova, because her relics were in Trnovo, but also in the Serbian Trn-palanka, about which there are records.

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