Montenegrin cap for women

Šifra: S-178-21

Brand: KIRI

The Montenegrin cap is part of the Montenegrin national costume. You can wear the cap at national events, with the national costume, but it can also be a decoration on the wall, as a proud symbol of your origin.

27,49 USD


The Montenegrin cap is round, in the shape of a flat cylinder. The upper surface (head of the cap) is dark red in color, made of choja and is called tepelak. It is decorated with embroidery, usually gold. The rim is black, made of silk and is called derevija.


The Montenegrin cap appears for the first time in the era of Petar I Petrović Njegoš, and the final design, the one used today, according to legend, was made by the famous Montenegrin ruler, bishop and writer Petar II Petrović Njegoš.

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