Šifra: S-310-8

Author:Sv. Jovan / St. John

A small wooden flask with a glass bottle, made of beech wood, is an extremely interesting object that has both practical and aesthetic value, while the engraving of the Saint Jovan motif completes this object.


The carrying fabric makes this item even more authentic and traditional. A small wooden flask can be a wonderful choice of celebration gift for friends and family.

22,99 USD


  • The surprisingly small size of this wooden flask creates a strong and unforgettable impression
  • This is not just an ordinary item, but a real little masterpiece that highlights your sophistication and love of tradition
  • A small wooden flask is an ideal gift for friends and loved ones who appreciate originality and carefully crafted products


  • Motif: Saint Jovan
  • Dimensions: 15x5x10cm
  • Glass flask inside (0.1L)
  • Contains a wooden lid with a metal thread

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