As a branch of one of the old societies of Serbia, KUD "Abrasevic" of Serbia, the Serbian ensemble of games and songs "Abrasevic - CH" was founded in 2008. After only a year of work, the association becomes independent.

They claim to be a mobile museum of original gowns that they proudly preserve and display throughout the country of Switzerland and the whole of Europe and a good part of the American soil.

"We are here to socialize well, to help each other, to create the atmosphere of the motherland, and to show the children what our roots are every day."




The goal of founding the association itself


The goal of the foundation is to preserve the language, first of all, with all the local dialects of dances and songs that we present. Let us not assimilate our rituals, customs and everything that accompanies the life cycle of a Serb. ANI Abrasevic Ch works in a beautiful town that sometimes just looks like Serbia to us - Wetingen.





From idea to realization


The main initiators for the creation of this society are the Serbian will, a somewhat positive spite of Nenad Milenković with the support of prominent choreographer Zvezdan Đurić and the late then director of the National Ensemble KOLO Radojica Kuzmanović.

The founding annual assembly was held on November 17, 2007 at the Altburg Regensdorf restaurant. Less than half a year passed from the founding to the first concert. The first performance, a mini concert with three choreographies, was held in March 2008.


What is behind the name ANI Abrasevic CH?


The revolutionary Kosta Abrasevic, a young poet, left a strong influence on the post-war period with one song, so most city administrations in Serbia founded cultural and artistic societies called Abrasevic.


Kosta Abrašević — Википедија


Of course, the rule “Every beginning is difficult” still applies to them, but thanks to the great commitment of each member and friends around the world, they are proudly called “Abrašević - CH.” They are just beginning a unique vision, but they are persistent, firm and determined to preserve song and dance, because they want to reach artistic greatness.

The association currently has over 150 players and musicians, who are also members of other societies ...

Their ideology is not competitive, even if a large number of their members are the winners of the highest awards. They want to improve the game, help all ensembles in Switzerland and show that Serbia can be harmonious in Switzerland and enrich it with artistic spirit!



Costumes and other ethno products are mostly unique specimens, over 100 years old. They buy original gowns in the field, in old Serbian villages where traditions and folk customs are still preserved.



Association for all - from 3 to 103 years


The members of this association cover all generations, and all of them are united by love for tradition and friendship, as well as the desire to connect with the motherland and preserve Serbian customs, language, song in the diaspora. The association makes lifelong acquaintances, loves, marriages, godparents ...

"The importance of the existence of our ensemble is immeasurable because of everything we have stated: language, song, dance, belonging to the motherland, folk customs, rituals, beliefs, folk costumes ..."

Play for good, nice looks. Play because whoever plays and sings does not think evil. Play because the chain of joined hands easily wins the heart of a loved one. Sing so you don't forget the Serbian language.


No need to make special announcements, the door is always wide open.

All information can be obtained on the phone number 079 830 60 20 - Nenad Milenković and 079 579 76 87 - Violeta Zuric


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