What to give as a gift for Serbian Slava? - the best gifts for Slava

 What to give as a gift for Serbian Slava? - the best gifts for Slava

Serbian Slava is a unique tradition that has been passed down through Serbian homes for generations. Slava is a family celebration dedicated to the patron saint of the household, and the choice of saint varies from family to family. During this festive day, usually a gathering of family and friends is followed by a rich meal and ritual candle lighting.


Celebration gift ideas

When it comes to gifts for Serbian glory, it is important to choose a gift that reflects the spirit of this special tradition. Traditional Slavic gifts include a wide range of options, and among the most common are icons, candles, iconostasis, church calendars and liturgical books. These gifts not only add to the festive atmosphere but also provide spiritual significance in the home.

Icons have great spiritual significance in the Orthodox tradition. They represent saints, Christ, the Virgin and other religious motifs. Orthodox believers often place them in their homes as an expression of faith and respect for the chosen saint who is the protector of their family.


Candles have a symbolic meaning of light in the Orthodox faith. The lighting of candles during the celebration symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit and is also an act of prayer. Candles add a festive tone to the space and create a special atmosphere during the festive celebration.

Buying candles and candlesticks is therefore an unmistakable choice when choosing a gift.

What kind of gift to choose will also depend on who it is intended for, how close the person is to you, whether there are children in the household, etc. You can make a less formal choice if you are going to celebrate with your parents or close friends.

A gift to celebrate parents

A gift set for fame is given to people who are especially dear to us. It consists of four elements necessary for the traditional celebration of fame: a candlestick, a censer, a hanging candle and an incense box, made of metal with a slight patina that gives the whole set a slightly rustic look.

An interesting choice is an embroidered cloth for a celebration cake or a flask with the motif of the patron saint of the household.

The embroidered cloth used to cover the Slavic cake has a special significance in the Orthodox tradition. In addition, embroidered cloths are often handmade and represent an additional touch of love and attention to the celebration table.

A wooden flask with the motif of a saint whom the host is celebrating is an exceptional celebratory gift. This flask may have a decorated relief portrait of the saint or symbols associated with the saint whose glory is being celebrated. Besides having a practical everyday use, this flask also becomes an object of faith and respect for the saint whose protection is sought during the celebration.

A gift to celebrate to friends

Choosing a celebratory gift for friends allows you to put aside the conventional and turn on your imagination, keeping in mind the interests of your host.

Those with a curious spirit will be delighted to find a valuable addition to their home library. The book about Serbian Slavas is a real treasure trove of knowledge that he will be happy to browse, study and often return to.


Board games and puzzles aren't just for kids. For friends with a playful, spontaneous spirit, choose the Large Wooden Puzzle. Try it together in the days after fame. Have fun while you uncover secrets about Serbia together and learn interesting things from Serbian history and culture. This type of gift is interesting because it allows your friends and you to socialize in the days after the celebration.

We also suggest a set of chokers that not only look beautiful, but will surely become part of all your joint celebrations.

Original gifts for Slava

Wine, flowers, chocolate are what most give. Why not set yourself apart and this year give the hosts something they don't expect, and which they will certainly be happy about if they are true admirers of Serbian tradition.

Choose a piece of national costume and be sure that this gift will be treasured by your hosts. We suggest a belt or waistcoat for the hostess, and a shirt for the host.

If you still want to give a bottle of drink as a gift, don't stop there, but make an original set. Give a flask or a set of hand-painted glasses with the drink.

How to wrap a gift for Slava?

Whether to buy 2 or 3 gifts for the celebration, or maybe one special one, is what we think about most often, forgetting that the way we package the gift speaks of our attitude towards the host of the celebration.

Most will opt for some of the decorative paper and bows, but they are destined to end up in the bin very quickly.

We suggest that the packaging itself be part of the gift.

You can put smaller gifts in a bag or woven bag, or wrap them in an embroidered cloth, over which you can put a cloth bow.

Gifts for Serbian Slava should reflect the spirit of this tradition and the individuality of the person to whom they are intended, and must certainly be chosen with care. Online shopping provides convenience and variety, allowing you to find the perfect gift for this festive occasion.

The Serbianshop online store offers a rich selection of traditional and original items that will delight every host of the celebration.

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