Šifra: S-85-58

Brand: Slovenska Mitologija

Author:Slovenska mitologija / Slavic mythology

Morana is part of the continuous cycle of life and death. It does not come or go anywhere, it has been present since the beginning of time, and it will be there as long as it exists. Numerous rivers throughout the Slavic world, such as Morava and Moravica, bear her name, because the waters of rivers and seas belong to her.

20,99 USD


  • Figure: Morana
  • Height: 11cm
  • Supplier: ROD
  • Material and workmanship: Made of resin, filled with plaster, hand cast, painted and patinated
  • Contains the author's logo, the ROD brand mark and the original packaging with a description in two languages
  • The sculptures are protected by the Intellectual Property Office




Morana is a part of a continuous cycle of life and death. She comes from nowhere and she’s not going anywhere, she has been present since the begining of time, and will be here as long as it exists, inextricably bonded to Svarog, as an antipode to the one who creates life... life that she would, when the time comes, take to the realm of the dead, world our ancestors - to Nav. Thus she does by sailing in the boat made of walnut tree, known as the tree of the dead in Slavic mythology.

Morana is also known as the Goddess of winter and she was expected with fear by the Slavs and her departure was celebrated loudly and joyfully, with many rituals – the most common one was making the straw puppet representing this goddess for the people to hit with sticks, throw into the water or burn and in this manner ritually destroy Winter. In March, another ritual connected to Morana would be performed. A procession of masked people would be organized to scare and chase away Morana.


Morana is probably the most powerful deity of all, but she is not evil ... She is the deity of inevitable, of what must be. There is no escape from her, and no one can question her power - she likes warriors and farmers and all mankind, for we are all mortal, and all of us eventually end up in her arms.

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