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Brand: Riznica nacionalnog blaga

Metal icon of Jesus Christ on a tree. The metal parts of this Slavic icon are gilded with 24-karat gold, which is the finest and purest gilding on the market, and silver plated with 999 fineness silver, which is also the finest and purest silver plating on the market.


Jesus Christ is one of the most revered people in Christianity, so you can put this icon on the wall side by side with the saint you celebrate. However, since this icon is smaller than usual, it is suitable to stand in any part of the house, leaning on a shelf, at the table or you can even find a place for it in the car. The icon of Jesus Christ can always be a universal gift for every Orthodox home!


The icon is modeled on Byzantine icon painting. Byzantine icon paintings are the oldest and most detailed icon paintings in the history of Christianity, which means that this icon contains everything, even the smallest details, which were passed down from generation to generation by icon painters since ancient times.

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  • The icon of Jesus Christ
  • Dimensions: 11x9
  • It contains a certificate of the National Treasure Treasury
  • 24 carat gilding of metal parts and silver plating with 999 fine silver
  • The icons are not sanctified!


According to Christianity, the icon should be kept on the east wall of the house!


Christians predominantly believe that Jesus is the incarnation of God, the Son of God who came to bring salvation and reconciliation with God, who was resurrected after his crucifixion.


Jesus Christ, also known as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus of Nazareth, according to Christian belief, was a Jewish preacher and rabbi from Nazareth. After his martyrdom and biblical resurrection, he became a central figure in Christianity and an important figure in several other religions.


Most scholars agree that Jesus was a Jew from Galilee, that he was considered a teacher and healer, that he was baptized by John the Baptist, and that he was crucified in Jerusalem by order of the Roman governor Pontius Pilate on charges of conspiracy against the Roman Empire.


The main sources of information related to the life and teachings of Jesus are the four Gospels of the New Testament according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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