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Author:Sveti Djordje / Saint George

Metal icon of Saint George on wood. The metal parts of this icon are gilded with 24-karat gold, which is the finest and purest gilding on the market, and silver plated with 999 fineness silver, which is also the finest and purest silver plating on the market.


An icon that you can hold, just like the one for Slava, on the wall. However, as this icon is smaller than usual, it is suitable to stand in any part of the house, leaning on a shelf, at the table, or it can even be a guardian in your workplace!


The icon is modeled on Byzantine icon painting. Byzantine icon paintings are the oldest and most detailed icon paintings in the history of Christianity, which means that this icon contains everything, even the smallest details, which were passed down from generation to generation by icon painters since ancient times.

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  • The icon of Saint George
  • Dimensions: 11x9
  • It contains a certificate of the National Treasure Treasury
  • 24 carat gilding of metal parts and silver plating with 999 fine silver
  • The icons are not sanctified!


According to Christianity, the icon should be kept on the east wall of the house!


Saint George or Saint George was a Roman soldier in the guard of Emperor Diocletian, who was martyred during the persecution of Christians.


In Christianity (Eastern and Western) he is celebrated as Saint George. In art, he is often depicted slaying a dragon.


According to the number of those who celebrate him, St. George is the second saint in Serbia (after St. Nicholas).


He is highly celebrated by Serbs, and he is often called Saint Đurađ, and he is celebrated twice a year: on St. George's Day, May 6, and Đurđić, November 16. On the icon related to St. George's Day, St. George is shown on a horse killing a dragon, while for St. George's Day, an icon is used that shows St. George as a soldier standing on a field, with a spear in his right hand.


It is believed that he was born in the year 280 in the Asia Minor region of Cappadocia, in a rich and respectable Christian family.


In Christian iconography, Saint George has been depicted since the 7th century as a soldier (without a horse, in a standing position) and with a spear or a sword in his right hand. From the 9th century, another depiction of St. George appears: on a horse, in a ducal suit, slaying a dragon with a spear. In that depiction, next to him, a little further away, there is a female figure in a gentleman's suit standing. It is believed that the woman on the icon is actually Empress Alexandra and that she symbolizes the early Christian church, and that the dragon that George kills symbolizes polytheism. The depiction of St. George slaying the dragon is based on a popular legend from Christian mythology — "George and the Dragon."

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