Šifra: C-11-4

Brand: Jarilo

Wooden mosaic of the Student Crucifixion. Putting together a puzzle is a relaxing activity for a family or group of friends, but also for individual fun. The mosaic is made up of thematic pieces in the shape of a cross, which will make this activity even more challenging, but also more interesting!


A unique and interesting gift for every Orthodox house!

51,49 USD


  • The mosaic contains 500 parts (the parts are thematic - crosses)
  • Dimensions of the mosaic: 40x40 cm.
  • Wood thickness: 4 mm
  • Box dimensions: 21x21x9 cm


The weight of agreement according to our scale from 1 to J is:
1 2 3 4 5 6 J

The Student Crucifixion (1208-1209) depicts a religious drama, with emphasized dimensions of suffering and pain, realizing the harmony of the greatest works of European art of the 13th century.
The composition is dominated by the Byzantine-blue color, which at that time was more expensive than gold.

One liter of paint – one kilogram of gold.
With its existence, the monumental composition testifies to the high role models, principles and aspirations of its founders - Nemanjić.

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