Šifra: E-146-95

Brand: Riznica nacionalnog blaga


27,49 USD


St. George was a Roman soldier in the guard of Emperor Diocletian, who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Christians. In Christianity, he is celebrated as Saint George. In art, it is often shown that he kills a dragon.

St. George's Day is a Christian and national holiday that is celebrated on May 6 (April 23 according to the old calendar), which marks the memory of St. George. Saint George is represented on the icons on a horse, in a ducal suit, from which he pierces a terrible dragon with a spear. The dragon on the icon represents a polytheistic force that "devoured" numerous innocent Christians. It is believed that St. George defeated her and dealt a mortal blow to "paganism" with his martyrdom.

Dimensions 29x23 cm

  • Icons are not consecrated!

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