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Brand: Slovenska Mitologija

Author:Slovenska mitologija / Slavic mythology

Unlock the power and majesty of Serbian Slavic mythology with our stunning triglav necklace. This piece is crafted with precision and care, showing the strength and power of one of the most revered symbols in Serbian Slavic culture. The pendant is silver-plated and patinated, which makes it high-quality and long-lasting.

16,49 USD



  • The diameter of the pendant is 3,5 cm
  • Silver-plated and patinated pendant
  • Whether you're looking to boost your confidence, overcome challenges, or simply want to connect with the rich history and culture of the Slavic people, this necklace is the perfect choice.
  • An elegant and easy-to-match necklace with all styles of clothing!



  • Triglav or triskel (silver plated) is one of the symbols of civilization, we find it in many civilizations who have had a triple supreme deity.
  • Among the Slavs, this trinity is made of Svarog - the supreme God, creator and builder, Perun - God of fire, lightning and cosmic energy and Svetovid - the god of light that gives warmth and life.
  • This symbol completely portrays Jav, Nav and Prav, as well as the three basic elements that our ancestors respected - air, fire and earth.
  • It represents the union of mind, body and spirit, and at also eternity, infinity and unity of all things.
  • Ancestral wisdom is infinite and unfathomable, and Triglav is the best symbol of that wisdom. The three Gods Svarog, Perun and Svetovid, are united in a symbol which they make very powerful and strong.
  • Perun gives strength and power that is able to defeat the greatest enemies, Svarog gives wisdom and intuition, and Svetovid develops creativity, enriches and transforms the spirit.
  • The point is that God is one, but at any moment can manifest in different ways.
  • Symbol of Triglav is the physical embodiment of spiritual perfection.




Pendants, necklaces and medallions ROD ®, inspired by Serbian and Slovenian mythology, are not of precious metal, made of high quality metal alloy based on zinc, aluminum, copper and magnesium, free of lead, tin and nickel (unless `nickel plated 'is especially emphasized). then they were coated with a layer of silver or brass and eventually patinated. Wetting of the pendants (due to patina) is not recommended.

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