How did Saint George kill the dragon? - the story of Saint George

How did Saint George kill the dragon? - the story of Saint George

Saint George, one of the most famous saints in the Christian world, is a symbol of courage, faith and the fight against evil. Born in Cappadocia in the 3rd century, Saint George became a soldier of the Roman Empire, but left the military life to follow Christ. His courage and devotion to religion did not go unnoticed, and he became known as the protector of Christians and soldiers.

The story of Saint George is often linked to the legend of the fight with the dragon. According to legend, the city of Silena was in fear of a terrible dragon that terrorized the local population. In order to appease the dragon, St. George bravely came out in front of it, crossed himself and with the help of heaven he managed to kill it. This victory symbolizes the triumph of courage over fear and evil.


Slava Đurđić/Đurđevdan is one of the most important Orthodox religious holidays and family celebrations in Serbia.


Usually, preparations for St. George's Day start days in advance. Families clean their homes, decorate them with flowers, set the table and prepare a meal for their guests. The central part of the celebration is the worship performed at home or in the church, which includes the lighting of a candle and a prayer dedicated to Saint George.



During the ceremony, a cake (cešnica) is offered with a candle that symbolizes the light of Christ's faith. After the service, the family and guests share a meal together, which includes a variety of specialties. Traditional foods prepared for St. George's Day include lamb, cakes, sarma, honey and wine. This meal is an opportunity to celebrate faith, love and fellowship together.


The icon of St. George has a central place during the celebration of St. George's Day, placed on an apprentice in the home. Believers pray to the saint for the blessing, protection and happiness of their family. In addition, it is also customary to light candles, which symbolizes the light of Christ's faith that banishes darkness and evil.



Slava Đurđić/Đurđevdan is an opportunity to gather family, friends and neighbors. During this holiday, people share joy and love with their neighbors, and an atmosphere of togetherness and mutual respect is created. The tradition of celebrating St. George's Day testifies to Serbia's deep cultural heritage and religious tradition.




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Saint George remains a symbol of courage and faith, and his story inspires generations around the world. The celebration of Saint George in Serbia is an opportunity for family gathering, prayer and fellowship. In our online store you will find everything you need for this festive occasion, allowing you to celebrate this important holiday with love and respect.

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