Saint George


Icons of Saint George


Saint George: Protector and Martyr

The icon of Saint George, the famous Christian martyr and warrior, symbolizes the victory of good over evil. On the icons, he is most often depicted as on a horse, in a knight's suit, piercing a dragon with a spear, symbolizing the victory over polytheism. Saint George is a favorite saint in Orthodox Christianity, celebrated on May 6 (April 23 according to the Julian calendar), and his courage, faith and martyrdom inspire believers around the world.


Slavic Icon of St. George: Rite and Tradition


The Slavic Icon of Saint George occupies a special place in the hearts of believers, symbolizing the strength of faith and steadfastness in the fight against evil. As an expression of deep piety, the icon of Saint George often adorns the homes of Orthodox believers, especially those who celebrate it as a baptismal glory.

Where to buy the Slavic icon of Saint George?

Those interested in purchasing the Slavic icon of St. George can find it online at Serbianshop. A quality icon of Saint George is available in a variety of sizes and designs, allowing believers to choose the one that best suits their home.

How much does the Slavic Icon of St. George cost?

The price of the Slavic icon of St. George varies depending on factors such as size, manufacturing technique and artistic value. Authentic, hand-crafted icons of St. George, made by famous icon painters, may have a higher price tag, but they represent a precious spiritual and aesthetic treasure.

Đurđevdan: The day of the glory of St. George

Saint George's Day, a holiday dedicated to Saint George, is celebrated on May 6 (April 23 according to the Julian calendar) and is one of the most popular and widespread holidays in the Orthodox world. St. George's Day is the day when believers remember the great martyr and celebrate his victory over evil, and in many regions it is accompanied by a rich folk custom.

The importance of Saint George in Orthodoxy

Saint George is an example of courage, faith and fearlessness. His fight and victory over the dragon is a symbolic representation of the victory of Christianity over polytheism. Throughout the centuries, Saint George remains an eternal symbol of the fight against evil, the protector of soldiers, the poor and the vulnerable. His martyrdom and faith inspire Orthodox believers to follow the path of justice and truth in their lives.

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