TOP 10 best classics from Serbia

TOP 10 best classics from Serbia

Literary classics are pillars of cultural heritage that shape our understanding of the world and human nature. Serbia, a country of rich history and deep traditions, has its gems among literary masterpieces. Here we will explore the ten best classics from Serbia, works that left an indelible mark in the world of literature.

1. "Moving" - Miloš Crnjanski


In this epic saga, Crnjanski leads us through the labyrinths of human destiny during the migration of the Serbs before the Ottomans. With its emotional depth and picturesqueness, "Migration" remains an indispensable work of Serbian literature. Feel what the days were like when people were forced to leave their houses, properties, homes...



2. "On the Drina bridge" - Ivo Andrić


Ivo Andrić won the Nobel Prize for Literature thanks to this novel, which follows the life of the bridge on the Drina and chronicles centuries of history, political turmoil and human destinies. Masterfully written, the work introduces us to the soul of a city. Everything in the city changes, everything is transient. People come and go, houses are built and torn down, only the bridge remains the same.



3. "Mountain Wreath" - Petar II Petrović Njegoš


His epic is a unique blend of lyricism, philosophy and epic power. "Mountain Wreath" explores the struggle of the Serbs in Montenegro against the Ottoman Empire, presenting a unique view of Serbian history. Written in verses by the famous Petr Petrović Njegoš, this classic will forever remain an indispensable part of our literature.



4. "Unclean blood" - Bora Stanković


Bora Stanković, master of the psychological novel, left an indelible mark with his work "Unclean Blood". This story follows the fate of the girl Sofka, who struggles between family expectations and personal desires. Through intriguing characters and a subtle analysis of the society of that time, Stanković brings us a deeply emotional work that provokes compassion and reflection.



5. "Dervish and death" - Meša Selimović


Selimović's masterful prose about love, death and human passions is set in Sarajevo during World War II. "Dervish and Death" is a deeply emotional and thought-provoking work.



6. "Prokleta avlija" - Ivo Andrić


We are adding another masterpiece by the Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić, "Cursed Courtyard". This novel takes us through the dark corridors and fate of the prison, exploring human nature, morality and freedom. Through colorful characters and deep philosophical reflections, Andrić introduces us to the world of conflict between the individual and the system. Are we all really slaves to the system?


7. "Pokondirena tikva" - Sterija Popović


We add another valuable work, the comedy "Pocondirena Tikva" by Sterija Popović. This cheerful production, written in the spirit of comic realism, shows the life and love entanglements of the hero through different social strata. Sterija Popović, known as the father of Serbian drama, brings us a humorous picture of 19th century society with a sharp critique of hypocrisy and social norms. What does it look like when the pumpkin is crushed?


POKONDIRENA TIKVA - Jovan Sterija Popović-1


8. "The treasure of the emperor - Jovan Dučić


Another masterpiece is introduced, the poetry collection "Blago cara Radovan" by Jovan Dučić. Dučić's poetry is deeply rooted in tradition and love for the homeland, and "Blago tsar Radovan" represents the peak of his poetic expression. Through the elegiac beauty of the verses, Dučić explores the themes of love, patriotism and human destiny.



9. "Serbian folk tales" - Vuk Stefanović Karadžić


Another exceptional work is included, but this time it is a collection of "Serbian folk tales" recorded and edited by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. This collection preserves the treasure of Serbian oral tradition, full of fairy tales, myths and stories that have transmitted the wisdom and experiences of generations. Karadžić recorded the richness of the folk culture and left us a priceless legacy. All in one place.



10. "Zona Zamfirova" - Stevan Sremac


We add another gem of Serbian literature, the novel "Zona Zamfirova" by Stevan Sremac. This romance novel is set in the middle of the 19th century and follows the unusual love between a humble silversmith and the beautiful Zona. Stevan Sremac, through his characters and events, brings the spirit of the times, customs, but also the eternal themes of love and social restrictions.



These ten classics represent the wealth of Serbian literature. Order them today and let these extraordinary stories transport you through time and space, with just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home. Dive into the world of classics and discover the beauty of Serbian literature.

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