Šifra: S-161-15

Brand: Kerefeke

Our collection of children's t-shirts has been carefully designed to combine play, learning and originality in unique pieces of clothing. Each children's t-shirt is special and exudes authenticity, thanks to the traditional illustrations. Our goal is to encourage children's imagination and creativity, and we made sure that each t-shirt conveys a special story that will provide children with an unforgettable wearing experience.


In the manufacturing process, every seam is placed with care to ensure durability and comfort, and the quality of the material guarantees that children can freely enjoy their adventures without any restrictions. Our responsibility towards children and their versatility is visible in the design that emphasizes the characters and symbols of our famous scientists, athletes, the original script, as well as the famous symbols of our city and state. With this, we want to inspire new generations to grow up with role models from our rich history, learn about our achievements and connect with the heritage that makes us proud.

12,99 USD



  • Made with care and traditional illustrations.
  • They exude authenticity and inspiration.
  • They encourage children's imagination and creativity.
  • They emphasize the characters of famous scientists, athletes and symbols of the city and state.
  • Inspirational and educational for little ones.
  • A great gift for both boys and girls



  • Fine and soft fabric that provides comfort.
  • Original illustration designs that will attract attention.
  • Various models for girls and boys.
  • Color: white



  • Made of 90% cotton and 5% elastane.
  • Quality material that ensures durability and comfort.
  • The fabric weight of 160g provides optimal comfort.



  • Washing and maintenance according to the instructions on the label.
  • Easy maintenance that saves time and energy.
  • They retain their quality and appearance after washing.

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