Šifra: F-1-271

Brand: Partizan

The latest Partizan children's football jersey for the 2022/23 season. Your little one will be able to cheer, but also be the best at training while wearing the jersey of his favorite club! A jersey that will delight and put a big smile on your little ardent fan.


Also, the jersey is resistant to moisture because it is made of extremely light breathable fabric, and the perforated parts allow additional air circulation, which prevents sweating and overheating of the body!

60,49 USD


  • The first and primary set of jerseys for the 2022/2023 season
  • The jersey contains black and white stripes, which represent the traditional edition of FC Partizan
  • It is made of an extremely light, breathable, moisture-resistant fabric
  • The jersey is stretchy and easily adaptable to the body
  • Hole areas in key areas create additional air circulation between the jersey and the body, enabling soccer players to maintain a lower body temperature.
  • The jersey is white with wide black stripes
  • On the right side of the chest is the FC Partizan crest, and on the left side is the Nike logo
  • The jersey is without print on the back - the picture is an example, but you can also order a jersey with print on our website!
  • The sizes in the table are European, and the height is expressed in centimeters.



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