Šifra: S-85-65

Brand: ROD suveniri

Height is 8cm.

Made of plaster-filled slices, hand-cast, painted and patinated.

Each has an author logo, a ROD trademark and an original package with a description in two languages.

The sculptures are protected by the Intellectual Property Office.

10,49 USD




Slavs, especially West Slavs, considered Svetovid as their supreme god, the god of gods. He is a god of war and victory, usually portrayed as a warrior or chevalier. His attributes are sword, banner and spear. They were kept in the biggest temple dedicated to this deity, in the ancient city of Arkona situated at the Baltic island of Rujan (pronounced as Rouyan). This temple was a place of cult to the old Slavs, with an idol of Svetovid eight meters high. It had four heads, each turned to one of the four sides of the world. It held a metal horn in its right hand that would be filled with mead and used for divination at the festivals. In its left hand it held a bow, down by its side. Next to the idol, his holy objects were kept – a colossal silver sword, worshiped by the Slavs, a traditional fiddle-like instrument called gusle, and amulets made of gold, silver, stone, horn, bone and wood. A white horse was also kept in the temple, believed to be ridden by Svetovid every night to the battle against his enemies. He was very important during divination rituals which predicted the outcome of wars.

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