Šifra: S-85-64

Brand: Slovenska Mitologija

Author:Slovenska mitologija / Slavic mythology

In the sanctuaries dedicated to the Seer, a tall white horse of special beauty and bearing, which is believed to belong to the Seer, is kept. No one was allowed to touch it, only the priest was allowed to graze and equip it. It was believed that God himself, riding on it, leads his people in battles with enemies. It was also believed that Svetovid rode on it at night because the horse was often dusty and dirty in the morning.

20,99 USD


  • Figure: Svetovid's horse
  • Height: 9cm
  • Supplier: ROD
  • Material and workmanship: Made of resin, filled with plaster, hand cast, painted and patinated
  • Contains the author's logo, the ROD brand mark and the original packaging with a description in two languages
  • The sculptures are protected by the Intellectual Property Office



The horse was also used in divination in the following way - before going to war, the priests placed spears in front of the Temple, and then led out a saddled horse to cross them. If he started with the right foot, it was considered that the outcome would be favorable, and if he started with the left, it meant that the war had to be postponed.

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