ICON Saint ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, glorious icon, 40x30 cm

Šifra: E-28-67

Brand: Srpska Tradicija Šeli

Beautiful glorious icon of the Saint Archangel Michael

35,99 USD


  • producer: art workshop Serbian Tradition - Šeli
  • saint: Saint Archangel Michael / St. Archangel / St. Archangel Michael
  • Icons are not consecrated!
  • date of Glory: 21.11. Arandjelovdan
  • technique: combined on the model of medieval icons
  • Dimensions: 40x30 cm
  • Weight: 1.30 kg



The icon is made with a laminated technique, glazed, framed, the halo is made of metal gilded with 24 carat gold, discreetly decorated with glass zircons.

The word "icon" comes from a Greek verb whose meaning is "like, resemble", whence the modern notion of "fine art". The icon is also considered an unavoidable liturgical vessel that sanctifies a person and introduces him into a direct relationship with the grace and the person depicted on it. It is very important that the bearer of the picture is a board made of linden wood, which is fixed with templates that are on the back of the icon and do not allow bending and deformation of the board.

The painting process itself is performed on a specially prepared preparation, which was previously applied to the board. Natural pigments are used for painting, which are mixed with a natural binder (yolk). This type of paint is called Egg Tempera.



In Greek, the word "archi" means chief, first, and "angelos" means messenger, angel.
It is believed that Archangel Michael was the first to fight the evil spirit. The Holy Archangel Michael, a symbol of the fight against evil, is a heavenly force that accepts the souls of the dead by measuring their good and bad deeds. The people believe that the weather on Arandjelovdan shows how it will be during the whole winter and spring. Archangel Michael is the "leader of the heavenly armies" who always appeared in the places where the Mother of God also appeared, so that he represents the heavenly power and protection on earth. The first among the archangels, Archangel Michael is presented on the icon as a fighter - a duke, with a sword or spear in his hand, and the folk belief is that he comes and takes human souls, when the hour strikes.





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