Šifra: S-58-76

Brand: ROD suveniri

These magnets, which you certainly haven't seen before, are the result of a collaboration between the ROD team and the fantastic artist Dragan Vujnovic.
Handmade, colored, patinated, each is a work of art for themselves, they are ideal for a gift.
The diameter of these magnets is 9 cm

6,99 USD5,99 USD
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Kolovrat, Sun wheel of Svarog - a symbol of the Sun, Life, and the constant circulation of nature and the Universe. It can be found in nearly all ancient religions, especially Slavic. Our ancestors used to wear Kolovrat around their necks, sew on their clothing and war flags and carve on their arms, believing that the Sun would bring victory and glory, and often it would be so. Solar spinning wheel can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise and can be displayed in a circle, thus symbolizing the eternal movement of the Universe.

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