Šifra: E-28-81

Brand: Srpska Tradicija Šeli

Metal gilded censer. A censer is a container for burning incense and incense. A red-hot briquette is placed in the censer, on which incense is placed, which, when melted, releases smoke with a pleasant smell. It is used for incense both in temples and in the homes of believers.


You will most often use the censer on Slava Day, as well as for the biggest Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. It is also a great gift for an Orthodox family.

42,49 USD


  • Metal gilded censer
  • An originally made censer in the artistic workshop of the company "Serbian tradition - Shelli"
  • Box dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 5 cm


The censer and the embers in it symbolize the ardent love for faith and the warmth of the Christian soul. The smell of incense symbolizes the grace of the Holy Spirit. The censer is used during every prayer. The host burns incense, holding a censer in his right hand and makes the sign of the cross with it. Where are the older ones first, then the younger ones. The censer is kept in a ceremonial place in the house.

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