Šifra: F-1-680

Brand: Partizan

The white NIKE BALL is a premium sports ball designed to provide the best possible experience during sports activities. Made of high quality materials, this ball will allow you to enjoy the game at the highest level. NIKE is a brand known for its commitment to sports and product quality, which makes this ball a great gift for all sports fans!

21,99 USD



  • The ball is designed to provide optimal control and precision when playing
  • The glossy surface allows better grip and control of the ball, which is especially useful in sports that require precision
  • In combination with quality material, this ball provides better balance and stability during the game
  • The ball is extremely light and easy to pump. Thanks to this, you can use it for various sports activities without fearing that it will tire you quickly



  • NIKE is a brand known for its commitment to sports and product quality. By purchasing this ball, you are getting a product that is made by a company that stands out for its innovative approach and superior quality
  • One of the biggest benefits of this ball is its design and material quality
  • It is made of durable material that allows it to withstand intensive use over a long period of time
  • The white color of the ball allows for easier spotting in the game, which is especially useful in team sports such as football, basketball or volleyball

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