Traditional souvenirs from Serbia - the best gifts!

Traditional souvenirs from Serbia - the best gifts!

Souvenirs from Serbia are an exceptional way to take a part of Serbian culture, tradition and beauty with you. Serbia is a country rich in history, hospitality and art that offers a variety of souvenirs that will remind you of your visit or allow you to share Serbian heritage with others.

We highlight some of the best traditional gifts/souvenirs from Serbia:


Čutura: Čutura are traditional ceramic bottles used to store brandy, a popular Serbian drink. Čutura is a combination of Serbian tradition and brandy, which is a symbol of hospitality and good mood in Serbia. Here are some examples:


ČUTURA ZA RAKIJU 0.7l, OPANAK I GRB SRBIJE, pljoska za rakiju, buklija-1ČUTURA ZA RAKIJU 0.7l, GRB SRBIJE, pljoska za rakiju, buklija-1



Cokanj for brandy/rakija: Cokanj is a small glass bottle used for drinking rakija. It is a unique souvenir that can be found in many parts of Serbia. Čokanj has a special shape and engraved details, which makes it an interesting souvenir item. In addition, it represents the Serbian tradition and culture of drinking brandy in society. Here are some examples:




Flute: Flute is a traditional Serbian wooden instrument, usually made of willow. It is known for its simplicity and beautiful sound. The flute is a favorite souvenir for music enthusiasts and folklore lovers. It represents Serbian folk music and traditional art, and can also be used as a decorative item.





Šajkača: Šajkača is a traditional Serbian cap that is often associated with military history and Serbian identity. It is made of red or black wool fabric, with a characteristic wide brim. Shajkača is a symbol of courage and patriotic spirit and is often worn at ceremonies and celebrations. As a souvenir, it represents one of the most recognizable symbols of Serbia.


Šik Šajkača Srbija-1Šajkača-1Šik Šajkača Kraljevo Oko-1


Opanci: Opanci are traditional shoes in Serbia, which are made of soft leather and have a characteristic design with a thin sole and interlaced straps. These unique souvenirs are handcrafted by master opancars, passing down the tradition and skill of generations. Opans are a symbol of Serbian peasant culture and are often used in folklore games and events. As a souvenir, opanci represent an authentic part of Serbian tradition and can be an extraordinary piece of footwear or a decorative object.



Opanci za decu-1Opanci za decu-1Opanak suvenir - 2cm-1Crveni označivač sa detaljima, na kraju se nalazi mini rucno radjeni opanak od kože.-1


The Lycider heart is a symbolic souvenir that is often given as an expression of love and care. These beautiful decorations are made of honey dough, richly decorated with colorful sugar toppings and painted with colorful details. Lycider hearts are characteristic of Serbian tradition and you can find them in different sizes and shapes. They are a popular gift for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or celebrations of love. The Lycider heart is a sweet and decorative souvenir from Serbia.




A rug/kilim is another recognizable souvenir that preserves the Serbian tradition and the skill of weaving. A kilim is a hand-made rug made of wool or cotton, often with intricate geometric or floral patterns. These beautiful rugs are usually very durable and colorful, and can be useful as a warm piece of furniture or a decorative wallpaper. Carpets are often considered works of art and represent Serbian craftsmanship and creativity. Buying rugs is a way to bring home a unique piece of Serbian tradition. Here are some examples:


MALI ĆILIM SOFRA ZELENA / CILIM 85x40cm-1ĆILIM MOTIV BOMBE / CILIM-1Ćilim 140x70 cm-1Ćilim 100x50 cm-1


In addition to traditional souvenirs that reflect Serbian culture and heritage, there is also a wide selection of classic souvenirs that attract the attention of tourists. Magnets and pendants are popular souvenirs that allow visitors to take a piece of Serbia with them on their travels.

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