Šifra: E-28-137

Brand: Srpska Tradicija Šeli

Metal icon of Saint Archangel Michael. All metal parts of this Slavic icon are gilded with 24-carat gold, which is the finest and purest gilding on the market, and silver-plated with fine 925 silver.


The icon was made using a combined technique modeled on medieval icons, which were bound, except for the face, with filigree processed metal. Filigree is one of the most beautiful metalworking techniques. Beautiful jewelry as well as decorative items have been made with this technique over the centuries.


An icon that will decorate the wall of your home and glorify the saint who is the guardian of your home. Make your home more beautiful, and fame more cheerful! In addition to the celebratory purpose, you can also give it to someone as a benevolent gift and protection for the family to whom it is presented.

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  • Icon of Saint Archangel Michael
  • Original handwork
  • Contains the "Serbian Tradition - Shelly" certificate.
  • The metal parts of this Slavic icon are gilded with 24-karat gold and silver-plated with 925 fine silver.
  • Decorated with zircons
  • Dimensions: 43x51 cm
  • The icons are not sanctified!


According to Christianity, the icon should be kept on the east wall of the house!


Archangel Michael is a supernatural being, an archangel, in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions.

For Jews, Archangel Michael is the protector of Israel and the synagogue.

They say that he visits all the sick and if he stops at the feet - it is not good, and if he is at the head - the sick person will get well.


He is considered the commander of the heavenly army. It is mentioned in the Old Testament. Christianity considers him the protector of the Cathedral Church and the first of the seven archangels, as well as the victor of Lucifer and Satan. That is why in art he is always represented in Roman armor with a raised sword or spear threatening some demon or dragon. He is considered the guardian of the Orthodox faith and a fighter against heresy.


Archangel Michael is celebrated in Serbian homes as Arandjelovdan and by the number of candles.


It is believed that he comes and takes human souls, when the time has come. Archangel Mihailo is the patron of the Nemanjić family.

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