Borislav Pekić: A Giant of 20th Century Serbian Literature

Borislav Pekić, a prominent Serbian novelist, playwright, and screenwriter born on February 4, 1930, in Podgorica, is considered one of the most significant Serbian writers of the 20th century. His works have been translated into many languages, and you can find his books at


Pekić lived and created in Belgrade from 1945, where he studied experimental psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy. He moved to London in 1971, where he continued to write and live until his death in 1992.

One of his most famous works, the novel "The Time of Miracles," was published in 1965. In addition to this, some of his best-known works include "Rabies," "The Pilgrimage of Arsenije Njegovan," and "The Golden Fleece." All these works can be found at

As a playwright and screenwriter, Pekić achieved notable successes, including the film "The Fourteenth Day," which represented Yugoslavia at the Cannes Film Festival in 1961. His plays, such as "Korespondence," "Generals or Kinship by Arms," and "The 189th Step," were performed on both domestic and foreign stages, and some of them won numerous awards.

Pekić's creative work covers a wide range of themes and genres, from apocalyptic visions of the world in the novel "Rabies" to an authentic monument to Belgrade and the Serbian middle class in the 20th century in the novel "The Pilgrimage of Arsenije Njegovan." His works provide deep insights into human nature and social circumstances.

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