Meša Selimović: Enchanting Novel "Island" and Timeless Bestseller "Fortress"



Meša Selimović, born on April 26, 1910, in Tuzla, was one of the most esteemed Serbian writers. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and held numerous political and cultural positions throughout his life. His works are still passed down from generation to generation, and the novel "Death and the Dervish" is among the most read and sought-after online editions. Discover Meša Selimović and his unforgettable novels at!


Love and Loneliness in the Novel "Island"


"Island" is a touching story about loneliness, love, and care, set in the contemporary era when the author himself lived and created. The main characters, an elderly married couple Ivan and Katarina, live their sad fates despite living under the same roof. Is sacrifice ultimately worthwhile? Read the novel "Island" and find the answer. Buy the novel at!


Timeless Bestseller "Fortress" – One of the Most Sought-After Online Editions


"Fortress" is among the most read and sought-after works of Meša Selimović, alongside the novel "Death and the Dervish." The universal theme of the individual's relationship with the masses resonates with both older and younger generations, making this book one of the most sought-after online editions. In this novel, Meša Selimović leads us to contemplate that the fortress is, in fact, every person, community, ideology, and society. Love is the ultimate counterbalance to all the negativity in life, connecting people and resolving everything despite differences. The love of the main character in the novel "Fortress" for the chosen one of his heart is a delicate thread that he firmly holds on to because, without love, there would be no sense. The novel depicts the protagonist's life journey through a cycle in which love is the most important factor and ultimately triumphs. Read this timeless bestseller and be captivated by Meša Selimović's powerful storytelling. Purchase your copy at!

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