Uroš Petrović (Serbian cirilic Урош Петровић) is a Serbian writer (born April 8, 1967, in Gornji Milanovac, Socialist Republic of Serbia within Yugoslavia, now Serbia), best known for his unusual novels, Riddle Tales I - V (Original title – Zagonetne priče) serial, Mysteries of Ginkgo Street (Original title – Misterije Ginkove ulice) and the first Serbian horror for children The Fifth Butterfly (Original title – Peti leptir). Dark Secrets of Ginkgo Street and Marta's Great Mysterious Adventure are also an innovative form - novels made of riddles. Awarded for books and photographs. Chairman of Serbian Mensa (2008. - 2013.). Founder of Mensa World Photo Cup. Co-author of NTC System of learning and author of Riddle questions concept.

Source: Wikipedia

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