Uroš Petrović - An Award-Winning Children's Author

Uroš Petrović is a writer of children's and young adult books that push the boundaries in contemporary Serbian literature. His collections of stories, puzzles, mystery novels, and fantastic tales are original works that engage the imagination and sense of humor. Uroš Petrović writes books for both children and adults, and his works are available online.

Uroš Petrović - Books

The online bookstore offers the book "The Fifth Butterfly," which was named the best children's and young adult novel in Serbian in 2007. The author was awarded the Dragon Children's Games "Rade Obrenović" prize. A children's film based on the novel was also made and became the first 3D feature film in the history of domestic cinema.

"The Enigma Stories" are educational and entertaining books for children. All five books in the series are available online. Uroš Petrović received the "Neven" award for the best work in popular science and the "Dositejevo pero" award from the largest children's jury two years in a row. Part of the "NTC Learning System" program is based on the "Enigma Stories" and promotes the development of functional knowledge and helps identify and stimulate gifted children.

"Mysteries of Ginko Street" is a combination of stories and graphic novels. The author received the Novosti Company's "Gordana Brajović" award for the best book for children and young adults and, for the second time, the most prestigious award for culture for children in Serbia - the "Neven" award. The sequel to this book is "Dark Secrets of Ginko Street" - a novel in puzzles. This is a new literary form and another step forward for the author, who received the "Dositejevo pero" award for this work.

The book "Children of Bestragia" combines epic fantasy, pseudo-history, Slavic mythology, and adventure fairy tales. It was awarded the Dragon Children's Games "Rade Obrenović" prize for the best novel for young people in 2013.

"The Secret Skills of Marta Smart" is an original and wonderful book for children aged 10 to 12. The answers to what lies behind the miracles shown during that Bogojavljenje night can only be read in a unique way - with the help of a mirror!

Other Activities of Uroš Petrović

Uroš Petrović is a co-author of the "NTC Learning System" program and guest lecturer in schools and universities in Serbia and abroad.

His visits and meetings with readers are literary meetings, creative workshops, theater performances, artistic-intellectual performances that take place in a lively and interactive atmosphere with visitors.

Uroš Petrović publishes articles and photographs in many domestic and foreign magazines. He has also received the most prestigious awards for photography. He founded the "Mensa World Photo Cup," a global photographic competition. He is also known for being one of the most successful people in solving the IQ X test in the world.

The online bookstore has works that have been among the most-read titles of children's and young adult literature written by Uroš Petrović for years. The books by this children's author have been published in Hungary, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

Uroš Petrović has been awarded the "Golden Badge" of the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia for his contribution to culture, as well as several other awards and honors, including the Dragon Children's Games award in 2011 for his contribution to contemporary expression in children's literature.

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