Liz Pichon: The Magical World of Tom Gates 

Liz Pichon, born on August 16, 1963, in London, is well-known for her bestselling and award-winning series of books about Tom Gates. She studied graphic design and worked in the British music industry as a music director. Her Tom Gates bestseller has been translated into 36 languages worldwide and has received numerous awards. The Tom Gates series currently includes 15 books, as well as a special £1 book produced for World Book Day in 2013. Liz now lives in Brighton and has three children.


Tom Gates: A Boy with Boundless Imagination


In Liz Pichon's books, Tom Gates is the main protagonist. From the book "My Perfect World" to "Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic at Some Things," the author guides us through the life and imagination of this boy, encouraging young readers to help Tom in his adventures and develop their imagination.

Liz Pichon believes that every grown-up should find a role model in a child. She created the character Tom Gates as the narrator and main protagonist. The Tom Gates series consists of eleven books, with the first two being particularly interesting for younger readers.


Tom Gates: The Modern Tom Sawyer


Tom Gates is a mischievous ten-year-old boy who can't focus on many things because he is hyperactive. His days are filled with adventures and mischief, making him very similar to the timeless hero, Tom Sawyer. Tom Gates has a detective gift, a strong sense of justice, and a somewhat critical attitude towards the world around him. Both Tom Gates and Tom Sawyer have two loyal friends, with whom they manage to conquer the real world using their imagination and curiosity.

Liz Pichon's narrative in the Tom Gates books is characterized by a one-sidedness. Everything we learn throughout the book, we learn from Tom himself. Every person and event in the book is depicted by the main character. Tom loves to draw, which is evident in the books. He also enjoys playing music and already has his own band. Above all, he loves to read Rock magazine. Although he can be a mischievous boy, his "misdeeds" are always punished, setting a clear boundary for the youngsters to respect and learn. This series not only offers moments of fun and laughter but also has a distinctly educational character.

In this way, Liz Pichon illustrates to her readers that from an early age, children should learn that every action carries responsibility and possible consequences, and this rule applies to both adults and children.


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