Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović, born on June 29th, 1959 in Belgrade, is a talented and versatile author winning the hearts of readers throughout Serbia. After completing her education at the First Belgrade Gymnasium, she graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. Her first steps in journalism began in 1979 through collaborations with "Omladinske novine" and the magazine "Duga." She continued her career as an editor for the magazine "Intervju" and wrote for NIN, Danas, Politika, TV Revija, and others.

In addition to writing, Mirjana is involved in painting and television work. Her twin sister, Zorica Tomić, is also a writer and teaches at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Mirjana is a popular columnist for Večernje novosti, writing under the title "Heart under pressure."

Her novels, including Diary of a Serbian Housewife, Mother's Fairytale, Find Me, Your Guardian Angel, short stories Grandma Don't Ask Me Anything, and a collection of poems You Promised Me, have gained significant attention from readers. The sales of Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović's books are continually increasing, and many theatrical plays have been created based on her works.

She has received several "Golden Bestseller" awards and the "Golden Badge" from the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia. She lives and works in Belgrade.


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