Discover the Magic of Svetlana Velmar Janković - The Enchanting Serbian Author 

Svetlana Velmar Janković (1933-2014) was a prominent Serbian writer and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU). Born, raised, and having worked in Belgrade, she was a great connoisseur of the city's history and spirit, which she conveyed through her literary works. Winning numerous national literary awards, her works have been translated into dozens of languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Korean, and Hungarian.

By exploring the life and work of Svetlana Velmar Janković, you will delve into the history and tradition of Belgrade, as well as the fates of former families, civil society, and Serbian rulers. Her books can be ordered through, where a rich selection of her most famous works awaits you.

Svetlana Velmar Janković worked as a secretary and editor of the "Književnost" magazine, and she also edited contemporary Yugoslav prose and essay collections at the "Prosveta" publishing house. She founded the "Baština" library and lived in Dorćol, in the house of her maternal grandfather, construction engineer Velisav Vulović.

Her literary works encompass novels, essays, short story collections, prayers, and dramas, including "The Scar," "Lagum," "Abyss," "Nigdina," "Vostanije," "Contemporaries," "Cursed and Chosen," "Dorćol," "Vračar," "Voices," "A Book for Marko," "Enchanted Glasses," "The Lighthouse," "Prince Mihajlo," and "The Scepter."

Svetlana Velmar Janković was decorated with numerous prestigious awards for her literary works, including the "Isidora Sekulić," "Ivo Andrić," "Meša Selimović," "Đorđe Jovanović," "Bora Stanković" awards, the Serbian National Library award for the most-read book in 1992, and the NIN Award for Novel of the Year for "Abyss."

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